Sunday, August 19, 2012

Welcome, oh, welcome... my little blog
I've begun this whole thing to clear up some fog
About dancing and etiquette and unspoken rules
to those who violate them and act like big fools

Sometimes it's just me ranting and raving
Sometimes it's dance pros on how we're behaving
There are also events and articles too
To bring the dance info closer to you

Dance professionals, if you have something to say
Even if it's blunt, I'll quote you anyway
I love every subject, no topic's taboo
If you're a dance pro with an opinion, I'll interview you

I'm based in Atlanta, but don't ever fear
We can talk on the phone or whenever you're here
Dancers really need to know what you think
So their footwork and manners won't start to stink

Dancers, give comments, opinions, and thoughts
Get the dialogue going to work out those knots
Of feelings unexpressed and words left unsaid
So the morale of the dance scene won't end up dead

If there's something you want perspectives about
List it below or give me a shout
I'm available on twitter, Facebook, and also G+
Tracking me down is really no fuss

This is a project for us all to explore
Be patient, I've never done this before
I hope to expand this idea even more 
With all that said, see ya on the floor!

Written exclusively for Dance Infotainment and Dancing4Fun

Image stolen from Jimmy Rumba. I guess I'm never running for public office.

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